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About our Scotties

Our Scotties are from long lines of champions.  We carefully plan and scrutinize all breedings, looking always to maintain and improve the breed and paying attention to genetics. We do strive to breed a balanced Scottie that can excel in Confirmation and Performance. Our Scotties are raised in our home in a family environment. For dogs we keep, show and breed, we strive to be listed on the Canine Health Information Center (CHIC).

We are AKC Breeders of Merit - and have been for many years.  This means we follow all health screening requirements as recommended by the STCA. Of course, not all anomalies can be tested for because genetic markers have not been found and so you cannot test for them.

We show in conformation because we feel it is important to maintain the breed standard. We also are active in Barn Hunts, Earthdog, and AKC Scent-work trials.  We are very involved with them, I do not work outside the home because I am here with the dogs and horses.

We are also very involved in the breeds network of the STCA "Scottish Terrier Club of America" and the Denver Scottie club, serving on committees and board positions in these clubs.

For quality purebred puppies from across the US that are STCA and AKC Breeder of Merit puppies, one can expect to pay 2K and upwards. Show prospects are more..

You may be surprised to find this typically only covers breeder's costs.  For a large litter, we may make a little, but with a small litter, we lose money.  While we need to strive to cover our costs, our breeding is driven by our love of the Scottie.  Breeding Scotties is hard - long low breeds with large heads typically are more difficult.  Stud fees run $1000 and up, and shipping a stud in, or our girl to a stud can cost $1000 round trip.  Then there are progesterone tests prior to breeding, health before the breeding, health certificates for shipping, ultra-sounds, and x-rays. C-sections are not uncommon.

You are getting quality dogs as pets, or show if that is your goal, and evaluations are done to decipher one from the other. A pet quality pup is no less valuable than a show prospect! They are a living beautiful heart that deserves the very best in life. There may be subtle differences in why one is chosen as a pet such as ear sets, rear gaiting, or coat texture…

Our dogs are not dogs who are just “put together” to have a litter to sell. We breed to continue the true look of what the breed should be, we strive for the health and attitude of the Scottish Terrier

Here are some photos of our Scotties in Conformation - or getting ready.

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